Pinterest Party & Link Up (Vol. 38): Authentic Spanish Sangria Recipe!

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This is my first blog post link -up! I’ve officially crossed beyond the status of “lonely writer blogging by the flickering candlelight of her own isolation” I officially have BLOGGING FRIENDS. (huzzah!). The wonderful Bobbi over at Revolution of Love is hosting an awesome Pinterest Party & Link up and all the lovely bloggers in her link up are sharing some amazing recipes and crafts. That’s right up my alley so as they say in the comic books…GERONIMO!

My mom is an awesome woman. Not only is she simply the best mom ever, she is also an exceptional high school Spanish teacher. When she was studying Spanish she was invited to study in Spain for a while and stay with a host family.  Not only did she perfect her Spanish, she also learned how to make authentic Spanish Sangria (my brother and I regularly thank her for obtaining this delicious secret knowledge).

It’s important to note that “American” Sangria, like American Absinthe is not the “real deal”. It’s often a lot weaker, and more watered down. True Sangria has a smooth fruity taste, and is pretty strong, one or two cups and you might be a bit fuzzy headed (and by might I mean definitely).

I’ve made this recipe so many times for so many occasions. In fact, my fiance asks my mom to make it for him EVERY YEAR as his birthday present. So my mom makes him two gallons every July.  It’s delicious and it’s definitely strong stuff, and it’ll creep up on you awfully quick!

It’s so simple to make but I do recommend making it a week ahead of when you’ll need it just so that it gets nice and mixed well.

Enough preamble! Let’s get to the equipment and ingredients:


  • Cutting board or dish
  • Paring or kitchen knife
  • Pitcher or container to hold some of the wine you’ll pour out.
  • Plastic funnel


  1. Your selection of favorite fruits
  2. 1 to 2 gallons of Cheap Red Wine
  3. Cognac (1 smaller bottle mayb 16 to 32 oz)
  4. 1/2 cup Granulated Sugar (+ more to taste)

Serves: 2 gallons easily serves 10 to 12 people with some leftover

Lemme do a quick breakdown of the  so that you can get a better idea of how much you need. I’ll also make a downloadable PDF of this and make a little downloads section on the blog for anyone looking to just get the recipe.

Fruit: I change up my selection depending on what I can find thats fresh and my own personal taste but here’s the list from this summer’s batch:

1 Peach, 1 Orange, 1 Lemon, 1 Lime, 1 Apple, 1 Mango, 1 Nectarine (not pictured)

orange, lemon, lime, mango, apple, peach and nectarine (not pictured)
orange, lemon, lime, mango, apple, peach and nectarine (not pictured)


Cheap Red Wine- I usually blend my cheap red wines especially if I’m making a lot of Sangria. I use Carlo Rossi’s Sweet Red, and Chianti. I usually buy the big gallon growlers.

Cognac– This is where you spend your money when making Sangria. I normally buy a small bottle of Hennessy on sale but this time the Hennessy was a little out of my price point so I used Gaston de Lagrange. Turned out fantastic, it’s a little cheaper so you have to sweeten it a bit more but no one could tell the difference.

“Sampling” of liquor highly recommended for maximum giggling and fun while making this!


I normally used organic granulated cane sugar from Trader Joe’s. You’ll need some when you initially make your Sangria, and as it sits for a while you’re going to want to do taste tests and add more sugar in to taste if it’s still got a bite from the cognac.

Aww Sugar you so granulated
Aww Sugar you so granulated

Okay let’s make ourselves some Sangria!

How To Make Sangria!

1.) Pour about a third of your red wine into your pitcher/container. You can always put some back in if you have room but once you start putting fruit in the wine will become displaced and start filling up the bottle. You will probably have some wine left over after topping off your jugs. You can either pour it out completely or…have a few glasses to finish it off.

2.) Cut up your fruit and put it in your wine jug! I normally put about half a fruit in per gallon it’s more than enough to flavor your sangria and give people wine infused fruity bits in their cups. Make sure the pieces are small enough that they’ll fit easily going in and coming out of the nozzle of the bottle I make mine into little triangles. See?

MmmMMmm can't wait to have a nice cool glass of this!
MmmMMmm can’t wait to have a nice cool glass of this!

P.S. You hands will smell amazing after handling all the fresh fruit (double bonus).

3.) Next Add Your Cognac. This is where I get a little mischievous. I’m going to tell you put 1 cup of cognac in PER gallon. But if you want to make it a bit stronger (read: MORE FUN PER DROP),  do about a cup and a half. Use your funnel to make sure that you don’t waste any!

4.) Pour Some Sugar On…my funnel? ( joke)  Anyway, I love my Sangria smooth and sweet, so I will start with around a cup of sugar per gallon. using your funnel again just pour it into the bottle. Don’t worry if some gets on stuck on the bottle neck.

I was not measuring here because I've made it so many times, but I recommend measuring it out if it's your first time.
I was not measuring here because I’ve made it so many times, but I recommend measuring it out if it’s your first time.

Helpful tip:  If it ends up tasting really strongly of cognac and doesn’t have enough wine flavor add more red wine in to cut it and then add more sugar. My recommendation? Before deciding it needs to be fixed, give it one day of just sitting there.

5.) Mix it up! put the cap or cork back in your bottle and give it a few good swishes and turns upside down and right side up for about five minutes. This will help mix in and dissolve the sugar.

6.) Wait around 3 to 5 days and mix it every day. Keep your jug of Sangria  in a place that’s cool and dry. Check on it every day, pick it up the containers and turn them upside down and side to side a few times.  Taste test every other day to see how the flavor is coming out.

When you’re ready to serve put it in your pitcher or even put the whole jug in the fridge  and chill for an hour or two.

Enjoy! And may it bring as many fond memories, and fun as it’s brought our family!

❤ Therese



  1. This sounds amazing! I was looking for a sangria recipe a couple of months ago and just grabbed whichever one I happened to have the ingredients for, but this one — I’m going to bookmark it for next time. Thanks!


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