31 Days Of Fall Fun (Day 2): Watch a Scary Movie

Watch a Scary Movei (2)

During Fall, and particularly right now during October, is the ONLY time I’ll willingly sit down and get scared out of my brains by a horror movie.  My fiance loves watching me freak out so for him it’s not even about the movie, it’s about watching me jump and screech and bury my face in his shoulder while he giggles like a maniac.

Speaking of spending quality time with my future husband, scary movie nights are also great date nights (probably because either one or both of you will be so terrified you’ll cling to each other but hey, I’d call that SNUGGLING!). Now with nifty gadgets like Roku, and movie streaming services like Hulu and Netflix finding a way to scare yourself silly is now easier than ever! (yay?)

So in case you’re stuck for some recommendations here’s 9 horror movies that remain at the top of my “No Sleep Tonight” List (Note: I’m not big on gore/slasher fics  gratuitous sex scenes or  pointless violence so all of my recommendations, for the most part, will not have a lot of that in it):

9.) Red Rose– A Steven King haunted house story. Get comfy because this horror movie has a slow build but is a super satisfying fright fest.

8.) The Haunting (Black and white vintage not the remake)- Perhaps not as scary as some of the others on this list but the way that the house manipulates the main character Eleanor makes my skin crawl.

7.) Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho– A true horror classic.  Made me afraid of having shower curtains. True story.

6.)Woman In Black– I watch way too many paranormal investigation shows which makes the creepy faces that appear in the background this movie all the more terrifying.

5.)Horror Hotel– No list  of horror movies is complete without at least ONE Christopher Lee horror flick. This vintage flick about witchcraft in the English country town of Whitewood still freaks me out.

4.) Insidious– this trippy horror flick comes has a lot of those heart stopping shock moments where you think everything is okay and then BAM…you’re a huddled under the covers where you are safe…maybe.

3.) 1408– It’s John Cusack vs. Hotel room in this incredibly scary horror flick about a room where no one has ever lasted the whole night.

2.)Paranormal Activity– the gritty “home movie” vibe of this film makes it feel all the more real and of course means I jump a heck of a lot more  when stuff really goes nuts.

1.) Exorcism of Emily Rose– The fact that this movie is based on a true story makes it ten million times scarier.

So grab a pillow and hold your sweetie tight, and have a little fun getting yourself scared outta your beegeezers!

Did I miss any great horror flicks? Tell me about your personal favorites in the comments section!

More coming atcha tomorrow on day 3 of the 31 day challenge!!



  1. I’m sorry, friend – I cannot watch scary movies! I just can’t! Looking forward to more of your Fun Fall ideas, though. 😉 Gonna head over to check out your apple crisp post now … more my speed LOL!


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