31 Days of Fall Fun (Day 3): Port and Poetry Night


Holy mackerel! It got COLD all of a sudden! Once that happens my mind starts turning to things that’ll keep me warm and I have a very short list of favorite keep warm items.  Those items are:

1.) Cuddling with the fiance

2.)Cozy blankets

3.) Warm Slippers

4.) A good glass of Port

Lucky for me my fiance surprised me with all four today which was absolutely lovely! For those of us who like to indulge in a nice glass of wine occasionally, I consider port to be one of my favorite fall and winter wines because it’s amazing hot or cold and always warms you as it goes down.  It’s a dessert wine so it’s sweet, it’s usually pretty strong so usually one glass is enough to give me a nice pleasant warm feeling.

My beverage of choice this evening!
My beverage of choice this evening!

One of the best ways to enjoy port is sipping on a glass while reading some poetry. Fall tends to be a time for great intellectual activities like this (at least for me it is) for some reason I just feel more introspective and thoughtful during this time of year. So between the port and the poetry I always come away feeling content.

It’s even better when you can share that moment with a special someone. My fiance isn’t exactly a poetry fan but he has been known to read some Robert Frost so I can usually coax him with a glass and some nature poems.  We usually end up giggling anyway, but the poetry is a nice way to just enjoy life and get away from the electronics and the TV and all the other distractions we normally deal with when we’re running around during the week.

The bookworm enjoying some Keats this evening!

So in case you’re looking for a quiet romantic autumn date night, here are some poetry and poetry pairings sure to entertain, enlighten and enliven your evening!

Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman– I always seem to associate Fall with nature more than other seasons like summer and winter so Walt Whitman’s collection of poems about nature always seems especially appropriate.

Anything by Robert Frost– For people who don’t normally read a lot of poetry Robert Frost is one of the easiest ways to “get into” poetry, his poems are easy to understand, simple to follow and poignantly beautiful.

To Autumn by John Keats– My personal favorite kind of poetry is 1800s English Romanticism with Keats being my super fave. To Autumn is perfectly appropriate for reading on fall evenings, rich with lush autumn imagery it’s a great piece to pick up.

She Walks In Beauty by Lord Byron– there’s something mysterious and almost fantastical about this poem by Lord Byron, another English Romanticist piece it is beautiful and a short read. (Fun Fact: I once memorized and recited this poem in college).

If  You Forget Me by Pablo Neruda– Another piece that references Autumn I would also recommend his other stuff, many of his poems are powerfully romantic and moving, Sonnet XVII is another beautiful poem also.

Any of Shakespeare’s Sonnets– No list of poetry is complete without mentioning Shakespeare, some people find him hard to digest, but sonnets are nice and quick ways to get acquainted with them.

On Being Human by C.S. Lewis– if you’re looking for some food for thought this poem by C.S. Lewis will definitely deliver. Philosophical, and deep describes it perfectly.

Haiku’s by Basho- Haiku’s are another easy way to ease yourself into reading poetry. Haiku’s are short, many are nature themed (which makes them perfect for fall) and they’re pretty simple and easy to read.

It’s the weekend after all, let’s reward ourselves with some much-needed downtime! Do you have any poets (or ports) that you especially enjoy? Let me know in the comments section below!



    • I’ll have to check out those two poets! I try to keep it fresh and keep reading as much Verde as I can. Port is delicious! There is a white port from a winery called Old York Cellars that I highly recommend! It’s good for people who haven’t tried it before 🙂


  1. We just enjoyed a glass of port ourselves last night. It was Dow’s Ruby Port. Excellent taste and at a great price! We are big fans of pairing ours with a bar of dark chocolate or, my husband, with his pipe.

    Sandeman’s is another favorite. I haven’t tried the one you’ve posted about here. I’ll have to keep an eye out for it!


    • My fiance smokes a pipe occasionally also. I love the smell of pipe tobacco! I’m going to have to try out your recommendations. The white port I mentioned in one comment above from Old York Cellars is exceptionally good! You can order direct from them and it’s and we’ll priced also!


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