The Ancient Catholic Rite of Betrothal

Betrothal2Some of you may have guessed by now that I’m Catholic. (surprise!)  And that I’m getting married (double surprise!)….and that I’m a writer (ALL THE SURPRISE!).

What you may not have known about me is that I am also one of those weirdo Catholics who loves the mass in Latin. I like old historical things in general and the Extraordinary Form of the Mass is by far one of my favorite aspects of being Catholic. So after I was engaged we decided to have a traditional Catholic betrothal ceremony.

It’s not very well known, even among other Catholics so imagine my excitement when I was asked to write a piece for a new Catholic blog called Shine Catholic on that VERY TOPIC!

And it went live at the beginning of September but I figured HEY my blog peeps (That’s all you lovely people) might want to learn more too!

So here’s a link to my article here.

I have to run out and go to yet ANOTHER wedding meeting (only a few more months till this Miss is a Mrs! so I’ll be posting more about the pilgrimage (as promised) later on this week!

If you have any questions hit up my comment box!

Love you all!



    • I do love Ave Maria (both chant, and the latin polyphonic motets!) I also am a sucker for O Sacrum Convivium, and Sicut Cervus(another motet). If you haven’t heard these I highly recommend them!! I actually sing in my church choir and have been singing in vocal groups since I was 6 so you and I must have a lot in common!! What is it like to study to be an opera singer? I always imagined it being pretty grueling!


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