31 Days of Fall Fun (Day 6): Donate to Charity


Autumn to me is a transitional period meant for cleaning out and letting go. Often while we’re off enjoying ourselves it’s easy to forget how much we’ve already been given. Right around this time of year I like to take time to be grateful of not only the basics but the extras that we’ve been lucky enough to receive…and it also helps me decide which of those blessings I can pass along to others by donating things that we no longer need. So while cleaning out and boxing up your blessings is not always fun, you can get a great sense of satisfaction from giving back.

With the wedding coming up and me having to move much of my bigger furniture into my fiance’s place early (although I myself will not be moving in with my fiance until after we’re married) it’s be an opportune time to clean out my stuff. It’s revitalizing.

But if you’re like me sometimes I have a hard time letting go of my belongings because as much as it’s good to let go sometimes we tend to hold onto more than what we need because  we either feel like we still need it or just keep telling ourselves that we’ll use it eventually.

Here's one of my boxes! All Packed up and ready to go!
Here’s one of my boxes! All Packed up and ready to go!

Here are some tips to help you let go of items and get them ready for donation:

  • Have you used it in the last 6 months? If not, donate!
  • Does it not fit, a gift that’s not really your style or color? Donate
  • Take Inventory- what would you replace if all of it was gone? The stuff you wouldn’t replace gets donated!
  • Get rid of duplicates! It amazes me how often I get doubles and even triples of some things as gifts or because I forget that I have it. If I have surplus then some of it’s getting donated!
  • Find your clutter crannies and clear them out. Drawers, closets, room corners, that cabinet you haven’t opened in forever go through there and see if there are any items in good shape for donating.
  • Try not to do your whole house at once. Take it room by room to avoid feeling overwhelmed.
  • Embrace the OHIO Rule (Only Handle It Once) Don’t make a maybe pile, be decisive yes or no!
  • Only donate helpful items…not trash. If it’s really in horrible shape it may seem like common sense but just throw it away. Don’t donate broken or super worn items that can’t be used anymore, the purpose in donating is to help people give them more of what they can’t use.
  • Set a deadline! Nothing motivates me to actually pack up my stuff more than setting a date for the Vietnam Vets Donation Center to come pick up my items.

So there ya go, give back, cut back, and then kick back and enjoy your simplified life. Any other tips or charities you like to support?  Comment below!



  1. Great tips! Sometimes I have a hard time getting rid of things that I think *might* be useful in the future, but I have no idea if I’ll actually use them or not. For example, before we moved across country, I knew we wouldn’t have room for the bins upon bins of extra children’s clothing we had. I was able to give a lot of it to fellow moms with littles, but I ended up giving away NINE large garbage sacks full to the local Pregnancy Resource Center store. The way I was able to detach was by (quickly) taking each piece from the storage bin and saying, “thanks for blessing our family! Now go bless another family!” That might seem weird, but it really helped me, and I was able to let go. Good luck with all the moving/transitioning into one household!


    • No I don’t think that is weird at all! I really believe that so often the items that we are given by God have a purpose beyond just being “ours” and when we give them away to others we allow God to use them to make another family, or individual in need more blessed as a result.

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  2. “Find your clutter crannies and clear them out.” I love this. This is my biggest problem. The little things that get piled up on the floor in corners of the closet or on shelves. The more I purge, the happier I am!


    • Exactly! And not only do you feel happier but when you donate, it means that those objects will continue to have purpose and make another person’s life a lot more peaceful and happy as well. It’s why I’ve gotten into the habit or regularly clearing things out and downsizing, my fiance always worries I’ll miss my things but in all honestly I really don’t. It’s amazing what you can live without when you decide to live more simply! 🙂


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