31 Days of Fall Fun (Day 7): Picking Your Halloween Costume Couples Edition

Halloweencostume (1)

I am incredibly excited for Halloween this year, much more than in the last two to three years, for  two very special reasons.

First of all, for the first time since I graduated college my fiance and I will both be free and available on Halloween. Now that my fiance’s work schedule has finally become more normal (for the longest time he worked crazy weekend hours so our social life was pretty much non-existent) and I’m not in grad school or working late we can finally enjoy Halloween as post-college young adults.

In fact, for the first time EVER we’ve been invited to a Halloween party and we are *gasp* ACTUALLY ABLE TO GO! This is my first Halloween party…basically ever…and Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so…I feel like a six-year-old hopped up on pixie stix.

MMmMmMmmM my childhood addiction….

The SECOND reason, is that my fiance (without me bringing it up) has shown interest in doing a couple’s costume! This is significant because once a long time ago I asked him to and he reminded me how “cheesy” and “lame” that was.  He has since seemed to have forgotten how “cheesy” and “lame” he thought it was (and I don’t particularly care to remind him hehe). So Couples Costume it’s gonna be! SCORE!

So in an attempt to be a little bit preemptive in my planning and I thought “Hey! Couples Halloween costumes is a great blog topic plus I get to do a lot of pinning-er…I mean  ‘research’ on Pinterest!” So I’ll be posting some tips I’ve picked from this experience.

Tips for Choosing a Couple’s Costume:

  • Avoid scantily clad uber fleshy exposy costumes-as much as people might compliment your costume…we really don’t wanna see all that…so do everyone a favor and save that lingerie or loin cloth “costume” for Valentine’s Day.
  • Embrace the Clever– Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box a bit, and be open to new and crazy couple’s costume ideas that may not be mainstream. Reimagining traditional costumes is another way to go also.
  • Avoid Culturally Insensitive or Offensive Costumes– Don’t be that couple that makes the mistake of offending more than half the people at the party because of a careless and offensive costume. Just don’t.
  • Put your personality into it– Costumes are only crazy clothes, so if you want to be able to “sell” people on your costumes make it believable, something that resonates with your own identity, interests or personality.
  • Skip the Ultra-Political/Religious Bashing Costumes– No your pregnant nun costume isn’t funny, no your ugly rubber masks of Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton aren’t appealing. Let’s just stick to the fun stuff and leave the political debates at home. This is supposed to be enjoyable for everyone, just keep it that way.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Make Your Costumes If You Can’t Find Them– Costumes don’t have to be uber complicated. Sometimes the best ideas can be really easily put together with a little bit of creativity and imagination. (*cough cough* PINTEREST *cough cough cough*)
  • Choose Something You Both Agree On– No one likes feeling forced to do anything and feeling uncomfortable or forced to wear a costume that your significant other hates will only make the holiday awkward. Try to choose a pair of costumes where you both can be something you are interested in or love.

There ya go! Halloween costume picking tips for couples. I will be (maybe) posting a poll tomorrow or Friday with my fiance and I’s costume idea’s finalists for this year! Hopefully we’ll get some help making our final decision.

Have any couples costume ideas/suggestions? Hit me up in the comments below!



  1. Fun! There are lots of great ideas on Pinterest that I’ve run across over the years. Nowadays, my radar is more on dressing my girls in “matching” costumes. Last year, it was Pooh and Tigger, this year, Elsa and Anna. Maybe my husband and I can get in on it too — Cristoff and Olaf? 😉


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