31 Days of Fall Fun (Day 8): Attend a Concert

Attend concert

Today is my dad’s birthday and because he happens to be one of our families musical geniuses I wanted to make today’s fall fun activity have a bit of a musical theme to it.

My dad and I last Father's Day!
My dad and I last Father’s Day!

My dad plays at a number of gigs and has two main musical collaborations he plays with regularly. Growing up in my parent’s home meant that on any given night you could come in and a whole band of musicians is sitting in your living room jamming away before a show (it’s awesome!). I loved it!  I also realized that musicians like a lot of creative types are always being asked to give their skills away for free.

Now that I do creative work for a living myself I’ve come to hate the words, “but it’s just____”. It’s just an hour, it’s only 300 words…it’s just a few pages.  Well if it’s so easy then why don’t YOU do it.  Oh that’s right…it’s not easy to be creative on demand…it’s not easy to write well, or play piano, paint, or make things from scratch. It’s actually not JUST anything…it’s an undertaking, it involves outlining, planning, practicing, multiple drafts or hours of rehearsal to get it to be “just” a 30 minute musical performance.

Image from benchmarkemail.com

Because there’s a false preconception that creative intelligence is some how not as valuable as let’s say, scientific or mathematical intelligence…probably because mathematical/scientific intelligence yields things that are easily quantifiable, while creative intelligence and ability yields things that are much more difficult to define, things like happiness, positive memories, satisfaction, peace, love. How can you measure that? I’m not saying either is more important or better than the other, but that people many people believe that creative intelligence is inferior.

So, when people support local musicians, artists and other creatives by attending their gigs it makes me really happy. Because these people work REALLY hard, and they often don’t get the recognition (or compensation) that they should.  So if you have the chance to get out and take in a local concert it doesn’t have to be an expensive venture, just checking out the local municipal events schedules can get you in to see some really talented people on the town’s dime.

My Dad performing with his Beatles Cover Band buddies! Mystical Majesty Band! image from Youtube.com

Plus fall is a great time to attend outdoor concerts, less bugs, milder evening weather that’s just cool enough for  sweaters and blankets and snuggling.  It’s a great time to get a little culture in.

Here are some tips for finding great local entertainment in your area:

  • Read your town’s newspaper- they are always publishing local events in the town paper, so check it out regularly to get the skinny on upcoming performances.
  • Support Your Local Public School Productions– Artistic students need love too!  Usually the ticket prices go right back into the arts program so taking in a school play is a great way to enjoy a show and give back to the community.
  • Visit Your Local Library– Every library has a community events board so checking out the goings on there can get you info on some great events going on in town. I’ve been to Jamaican food, music and dancing nights, local art shows, movie nights this way and usually the entry cost is either very affordable or a free town sponsored event.
  • Craigslist– I know Craigslist has gotten the reputation for being that creepy uncle you just stay away from at family gatherings, but many people post events like gigs, and shows in the events section of the website. You can find some real gems if you know when and how to look.
  • Check Out Your  Town’s Municipal Website– Towns LOVE it when people show up to events. Because it means that people are actually attempting to build that community spirit, it’s why they have these events in the first place so check them out.
  • Go to a Craft Show– Many craft shows are held in public parks so there’s usually no entry fee. You can meet up with local artisans and sample all kinds of cool locally produced foods.

    Now that I’ve gotten the word out, definitely go  and check out the local talent. People like my dad  love seeing others enjoy their hard work. Helping to support people like him makes it easier for them to support their families and continue to do what they love and share it with others.

Do you have a special go to resource for local events that I missed? Tell me about it in the comments!


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