31 Days of Fall Fun (Day 12): Tea and Me Time

Tea and me

Having a bit of a rough start to the week this week.  Been putting in a lot of OT in every area of my life. From the wedding to my freelancing business to my other full-time job. You name it, it’s been on overload lately. So more than anything what I needed the most was just to decompress and relax a bit.

My weeknight beverage of choice when I just need to take a bit of a break and relax is herbal tea. So I usually set up my little electric kettle…


And I take my time choosing my tea. I’ve become quite the connoisseur of herbal teas. I tend to choose ones that have other health benefits and a stronger taste since I no longer use sweetners in my tea.


But perhaps the most important reason why I have tea nights especially in the fall is because it always helps me to slow down and savor the moments. It seems lately that everything just keeps whipping around so quickly a hot cup of tea forces you to relax and wait for it to be the perfect temperature. It means you take some time to blow the heat off the top a bit and taking small measured sips.


Everything about tea drinking is perfect for days when you feel your life is perpetually spiraling into chaos.  No matter what kind of a tail-spin I am in, a cup of tea nearly always sets me right. And I think it’s important to make that kind of time for yourself. Autumn can feel like a really hectic time, with kids going back to school and the holidays not so subtly  creeping towards you. Life goes from those hazy lazy crazy days of summer to Fall Frenzy in a heart beat.


I know I normally have a lot to say and a lot of advice to give but sometimes less is more. Sometimes simple nights with your favorite owl mug, some soft music or your favorite show is enough fun for one day.

So if you’re feeling stressed or have a case of the Mondays and are needing some time to decompress, give yourself permission to relax. give yourself some time to take it slow, to enjoy a cup fo tea and a favorite activity that involves you enjoying YOU time. You serve other’s best when you take care of yourself.

So I’m enjoying Harney and Son’s African Autumn tonight, how are you feeling tonight? what kind of tea are you enjoying tonight? Let me know in the comments below.


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