31 Days of Fall Fun (Day 14); Bonfire Night


There’s something about a warm and crackling fire that just tends to put me at ease. This week has very much been a slow it down, and take deep healing breaths kind of week. I’ve always loved bonfires but it wasn’t until I started dating my fiance and met his mom that I really figured out why.

And the reason why is because bonfires (especially those on chilly fall evenings) create togetherness. You put on a light sweater, cuddle up next to your sweetie and dream side-by-side. Sometimes you speak for a while, but always…eventually, you drift off into contemplative silence and just enjoy being alive and in the moment.

At my future mother-in-law’s house bonfires were an almost nightly occurrence in the fall until the first good snow. We would all curl up outside in the back yard listening to some birds and the occasional squeak of a bat or two. It was a very special and distinct time in my life…one I won’t forget.

But if you haven’t thought about starting bonfire nights as a fall tradition, it’s definitely worth considering. There’s a lot you can add to a bonfire to make it even more fun, and again it’s usually a simple inexpensive activity that can build some really great family memories. Here are some of my favorite bonfire related activities.

image from what’ scookingamerica.net.

1.) S’mores- I’m just going to get this one out of the way already, chocolate+marshmellow+graham cracker is a combination that just can’t go wrong and once you add it to a bonfire night it just makes everything a lot more fun. Someone always drops their s’more in the fire, someone always  gets sticky fingers, there’s usually laughing and lots of gooey sugary goodness which is a win in my book.

image from mode.com

2.) Singing- I come from a musical family and because my future hubby is also a musician we bring music into every activity. Sometimes we play cups by bonfire light and sing silly songs, or Disney tunes, anything we can think of and it’s just so much fun!

image from: the local ny dot com

3.) Tell spooky stories- this is especially good with Halloween right around the corner! I always keep a book of ghost stories in the house so if I feel like creeping out my company we’ll break it out and take turns over dramatizing the stories…which then makes us laugh but it’s a lot of fun every time.

4.) Reminisce- I have heard SO many funny stories about my fiance as a kid from his mom on bonfire nights. It’s the perfect time to do some strolling down memory lane, or funny story swapping. Everyone is usually in a great mood and sometimes you’ll hear some amazing things about your own family you didn’t know.

image from makeitandmendit.com

5.) Make it a Meal- There have been a few times where we just got hungry and decided to cook on the open bonfire flame. We’ve made baked potato, popcorn, hot dogs and a few other things by using a cast iron skillet.  Just gotta be sure you’re not using any wood that’s too ashy otherwise your food might end up covered in it.

6.) Give Thanks and Pray-When we come together around the bonfire there’s almost always some kind of good new to be had. Sometimes we’ll all just bow our heads and take a minute to thank God for His many numerous blessings.

7.) Play a Game- Since everyone is together on bonfire night the opportunity to play games you wouldn’t normally play often arises. There are tons of campfire games all easy simple and fun to play.

Image from rantchick.com

8.) Self-Reflection- fires are great for looking inwards, you can get lost in them by watching them, thinking about the future, dreaming, and other ideas tends to happen a lot easier when accompanied with a bonfire.

Do you have any good bonfire activities to share? Let’s hear about them below!


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