31 Day Challenge (Day 17): Do a Fall Photo Shoot

pumpkin pecan

Today it was a very easy day to come up with a topic because we had our engagement shoot this afternoon! I was so nervous going into the shoot because I’m a bit of a curvy girl (and by a bit I mean very curvy) and my body image and confidence not exactly as high as it should be. Luckily my fiance was there to talk me up while I got my makeup done and talk me down when I thought I ruined my hair (it involved a straightening iron and a moment of sheer panic). So at  4:00 we showed up at our engagement shoot location which just so happened to be the place where we had our first date!

Skylands manor in Ringwood, New Jersey! It’s a beautiful location numerous fountains, gardens, walking paths, trees, statues, just  simply gorgeous and did I mention there is an absolutely beautiful mansion there? There is! check it out:

Image credit: myhudsoncounty.com

There were a ton of people there today mostly because it tends to be a bit of a fall photo hotspot, but our wedding photographer, Brielle, did a phenomenal job with navigating all the people trying to photo bomb in the background and, of course, my nerves because I was so worried about being unphotogenic (I really tend to derp it up on camera so again…nervous about how they would turn out).  She’s such a pro! I highly recommend her if you’re in my area and looking for a photographer to do shoots for really anything. You can check out her work by clicking the picture below. Guarantee you’ll love it.

She said she’ll have the pictures to us by the end of the week. I’m so excited to see them I can hardly wait. But it got me thinking about how fun it would be to do something like this every fall. Perhaps not with a professional photographer, but just to go out and take some pictures, make some memories with your hunny bunch, or your kids.  If you have a smartphone, just grab it, or some throwaway cameras and make an afternoon of it!

I don’t know much about photography so giving tips about getting the perfect shot from me won’t help you much. But I CAN tell you what I do know about and that’s how to prep and pose to make the most of your camera time.  So are some pre-photoshoot tips comin’ atcha fast!

Mohonk Lake at Mohonk MountainHhouse the place my fiance and I have gone so many times to get away and see nature at it’s finest! (circa 2009)

Tip #1: Location, Location, Location- Make the photoshoot some place special, whether you’re going out to your favorite park, or checking out a local botanical garden or farm make it an expedition. Make it some place you love going to. Bonus points if it’s got some meaningful memories for you! (my two majorly beautiful places are Mohonk and Skylands Mohonk is pictured above.

Pick clothes that are good for your body type. Here’s a little chart for you to use as reference. Image credit: dailymail.co.uk

Tip #2: Dress for Comfort and Style- So often it feels like you have to trade off being comfortable for being stylish and vice versa but when you’re going to or having a photoshoot you will want to find or use an outfit that is both flattering to your body and comfortable. I even picked up a pair of Spanx to help smooth my lumps and bumps and it did loads for my confidence and the fit of my outfit. And definitely wear comfortable shoes.

Here’s a throwback photo of my fiance and I when we were highschool BABIES (i mean sweet hearts). This is my fiance’s junior prom, and I’m sporting my clinique make up here!

Tip #3: Get your makeup done- It does NOT need to cost you a fortune. For prom every year (and I ended up going to four…no lie) I had my make up done professionally for basically nothing.  I went to the Clinique counter and would get my makeup done by one of their professionals and they asked that I buy one of their products it wasn’t required, but usually I got the lipstick for like $10-13 bucks…bam. professional makeup for nothing. Now I go to BareMinerals because their stuff is awesome but you can find counters like that at almost any department store. Just ask before you book what their policies are certain companies like MAC charge a flat $50 rate.

I look like the smurfs strange hippie green cousin…gawgeeous. haha! Enjoy! I only embarass myself on the internet for you all, dear readers!

Tip #4: Primp to prep- I started my skin regimen about a month early to try and get my super red and dry complexion under control, while I don’t suggest doing that (you can if you want to) you cand definitely take some time to treat yourself, whether it’s a mani-pedi or using that extra nice conditioning treatment for your hair  it’s always good to take extra care with your appearance before a photo shoot.

My fiance and I practicing our smiles here. Check out his impeccable pearly whites!

Tip #5: Practice Your Smile- It may sound silly but practicing in a mirror and finding what feels natural will help you look natural in photos too. I personally end up being a bit of a derp in photos so practicing before the shoot made me feel a bit more at ease with my smile so it didn’t look like I was trying out for the part of the Joker in the next Batman movie haha.

So there you have it 5 simple tips for prepping for your fall photoshoot. Maybe I can get some pro tips from photographers? or other photographed people? haha let me hear your tips in the comments section below!



  1. I tried to reply last night but it didn’t come through! I will persevere! Thank you for this post. Fall is my favorite season and I should stop whining and just go out and do a fun photoshoot with my kids! Thanks for all your tips!


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