31 Days of Fall Fun (Day 18): Plan a Family Get Together


So fun fact about today. This was not the original post I had planned. In fact, I was going to write about decorating my house for Halloween…but it seems everyone else in my family had other plans….

In actuality, today was my Bridal Shower!…I was totally surprised! And…to be honest left speechless by the love and generosity of my mom, future mother-in-law, and bridal party. I am fortunate to be blessed with future in-laws and a family that literally surrounds me with love and support.  It’s amazing to have blood relations who care so much for me, it’s even more incredible to feel accepted and loved by my future husband’s family especially because of how much I’ve grown to love them over the last 9 years I’ve dated my future husband.

For those who haven’t experienced it the moment you see all of your friends and family surrounding you at a little cafe there is an initial shock followed by a feeling of irrepressible bliss. Having a bridal shower thrown for you is the kind of gesture that you want to repay but could never begin to, so instead you just resolve to love those involved even more, to let your heart just overflow with gratitude and become a better person because you want to be the kind of beautiful person they see in you. The kind of person that they know you to be, even when you’re not at your best.

So, my fall fun tip for tonight, is an attempt to reproduce that sensation of joy on a smaller scale but if you have close friends, or family you haven’t seen in a while. Call them up, set a date, have a get together. It could be a dinner, a movie night, a board game night, anything. But spend some quality time with the people who  make you feel that way about yourself. The people who give you that love, and respect. Give them an extra hug, give them your full attention. Let them know you’re loved and be open to receiving that love back. So often we push aside love actions of others  because we feel obligated to reject other people’s generosity out of politeness (I struggle with this a lot). Today has taught me that being open to being loved whole-heartedly by others is a GOOD thing. Letting other people show you how much you matter to them renews that sense of connection that so often gets shuffled aside.  So today, make it a point to embrace it.

If getting married has taught me one thing its that time goes FAST, and so often the people you love come in and out of your life faster than you ever expected. Fall is a time for reconnecting, and strengthening those bonds that have been placed in our lives. So even if you have family living further away, skype them, play an online game with them, or just talk or text them a bit, let them know you love them.

I wish I could write more tonight but if I’m perfectly honest I am completely exhausted. So here’s a picture collage of me wearing my bow hat!


Gawgeeous! So tomorrow we will resume regular programming. Now I’m going to just take some time to thank God for all the blessings I’ve been reminded that I already possess!

Have a great night!



  1. I recently decided to bite the bullet and ‘plan’ (as in set the day, time, and make a quick reservation) an outing with a group of my close girlfriends. We’d been saying for such a long time that we would get together soon…but soon was just never happening. I’m so glad I finally just made it happen. We had the best time and I’m going to plan something again soon. It is SO important to connect with the ones we love. And to just make it HAPPEN! 🙂

    Your bridal shower looks like it was a blast! How wonderful it is to be showered with love by family and friends as you are about to embark on this lifelong journey with your fiancé. It really feels great to have them close by your side, giving their support. Glad you have this!


  2. Aw – so fun! I am so happy for you! Good tips, too. Life it too short to not tell those you love that you love them. Thank you for the reminder. ❤


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