31 Days of Fall Fun (Day 20): Family Friendly Halloween Movie Night

Hocus Pocus

So, despite my annual “craving” to have myself scared silly by a good scary movie. I found myself not in the mood for it tonight. In fact, instead I had a hankering for a funny Halloween movie, a movie where everyone kept most of their members intact, no eyeballs were lost, no hysterical crying, no token murders at the very beginning just good old fashioned clean family friendly fun.  After all, Halloween is supposed to be spooky but it’s also supposed to be fun too!

I’m binge-watching a bunch of my most favorite family friendly Halloween films and I figured I would  make a list and share it with you all tonight! Most of these are available for instant rental from Amazon (it’s how I get my fix when I’m desperate and Hulu and Netflix let me down) so I’ve included links to each movie so you all can learn more about them if you want!

image credit: hellogiggles.com

1.) Hocus Pocus– As if the blog header today didn’t already give it away! I am a huge Hocus Pocus fan, not only are there enough sight gags and physical comedy moments for the kids, there are also a lot of jokes adults would understand and enjoy too. If you haven’t seen it yet DO IT! If you have seen it WATCH IT AGAIN! There are still little things I’m picking up on that I missed my first few times through.

Image credit: sonypictures.com

2.) Hotel Transylvania– Okay so this movie is not TECHNICALLY about Halloween but c’mon it’s got every single monster under the sun squeezed into one film so  I say it counts. I hadn’t seen this movie until tonight and I gotta say both my fiance and I are sitting here giggling like little kids. It’s cute, it reinforces strong family values and I think it’s got enough vibrant colors and characters to entertain anyone!

Image credit: Imbd.com

3.) It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown– I hope I’m not the only one who is in love with this classic. I remember that out of all the Charlie Brown videos this one and of course the famous Charlie Brown Christmas were my absolute favorite. If you haven’t introduced it to your kids this is definitely one to show them.

4.) Wallace and Gromit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit– I was in grade school when my dad first brought home Wallace and Gromit cartoons and I immediately loved them. So when Curse of the Were-Rabbit came out I just had to see it. It has been such a long time since I saw it but watching it tonight brought back so many memories haha.

Image credit: Themeparkadventure.com

5.) The Haunted Mansion– Can I make a confession? This movie ACTUALLY scared me at first when I watched it…but then I remembered this is an Eddie Murphy kids movie and all was well haha. The atmosphere in this movie is great, the story is fun and Eddie Murphy makes sure there are plenty of laughs for everyone watching.  Definitely a must-see Halloween favorite.

Image Credit: wikimedia.org

6.) The Corpse Bride– I personally like Tim Burton’s style, and with music by Danny Elfman (the same guy who did the music for Nightmare Before Christmas) this funny and whimsical film is most definitely Halloween must have. I wouldn’t personally put it on for really little kids because Burton tends to go a little dark with the humor, but for older kids and parents this is a fun watch.

Image credit: Movieposters.com

7.) The Book of Life– A relatively new movie that you may not have heard about. This movie discusses the Mexican festival for All Souls Day, El Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and creates a fictional legend around a supernatural bet, true love, and the afterlife. It’s got a lot of great Mexican cultural references and nods to Mexican art throughout the film.

8.) Coraline– Okay this one is borderline for me. I included it because it’s a GOOD story, and a GOOD movie, but it’s not funny. It’s definitely creepy and scary, but it teaches kids a valuable lesson about things that seem too good to be true (the point being that they usually are). It’s visually stunning, another very impressive stop motion film, but it’s not for little littles. I would say 11 and up.

Image credit: Amazon.com

9.) Bedknobs and Broomsticks– From Coraline back to classic Disney,  Angela Landsbury and Mr. Banks (erm..I mean the actor that played him in Mary Poppins)  and three adorable kids embraced myth, magic and fun in this light-hearted fantasy-realism film. I don’t want to give too much away but the ending scene is a must see. I love this movie.

Did I miss any of your favorites? Let me know in the comments section below!


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