31 Days of Fall Fun (Day 21): Pumpkin Blaze


I am still riding high from tonight’s date with the fiance. We found out about the Pumpkin Blaze last year when couple friends of ours wanted to double date there. I will recommend going for anyone who lives in the New Jersey, New York, Connecticut area. Other readers, definitely look around for similar events near you. I’m sure there are others like this and you just can’t miss it! There will be a LOT of photos tonight and not much text because the photos will give you a MUCH better idea of what this is than I will.


Basically, the Pumpkin Blaze (or Great Jack O’ Lantern Blaze) is an annual event where people get together carve a TON (and I mean…SO SO SO SO Many) Jack O’ Lanterns and then arrange them as a walk through display for people to get tickets and come see. And when i say there are pumpkins everywhere…


…I really do mean everywhere. The nice thing is that there’s a good mix of super artistic carved pumpkins and then there are some on display that local school kids did and  then donated to the blaze.

Here's one of them!
Here’s one of them!

As you walk through you will see a ton of different kinds of displays some are clever like this one:


Some are creepy:


Some are cute:


And some just blow your mind with their intricacy and attention to detail:

Like this one:


And this one:


and this one too:


But the great thing is, is that the proceeds go for the general upkeep of Van Cortlandt Manor, a historic site in New York state up near Sleepy Hollow (Yes, where the story of the Headless Horseman originated). Even the manor is decorated and has its own synchronized light show:


You can’t get much more Halloween-y than that!! So check out your local historical websites, and events for your community and see if they have something like this near you!

Does anyone else have any Jack O’ Lantern festivals or events they want to talk about? Let’s hear about em in the comments below!


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