31 Days of Fall Fun (Day 22): Go for a Walk


So I have some exciting news!  My fiance and I adopted a puppy!  We’ve actually had her for about two months and we’re over the moon excited to have her! Her name is Piper and she’s a half  Lab, half Aussie Shepherd mix but she’s a whole lot of energy haha!

There she is! (ignore the vacuum back there haha)

Which is why the morning walk has slowly been becoming a regular thing, it tires her out and she’ll nap for maybe five minutes…sometimes…but hey we’ll take breaks whenever we can get them!

You  might have guessed that I love walks in the fall, and especially in the month of October when the leaves are actively changing I am extra  excited to get out there and  step on some crunchy leaves. Now that I have a fluffy co-conspirator running around and rolling in leaves seems much more acceptable than when I would do it on my own haha.


Even more lucky for me, we live only about a block from a good sized park which means I get to be one with nature after about a five minute walk down the street.

I got Piper in her training harness and set off. She’s not fully leash trained yet, and has a strange fear of cars on the road so a harness gives us some more support to try and help her overcome those fears and to quickly pull her out of the way if she stops in the middle of the street, which happened once and nearly scared me to death.

But once we were in the park Piper quickly got down to doin her puppy sniff-run-stop dead-sniff-sneeze-run routine and I was able to take some really nice pictures of the fall foliage.



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