About Me

Welcome to the Brink.

Featured image When my mom told me that “You can’t make every day an adventure” I took that as a challenge. I’ve made my life about trying new recipes, new activities, and approaching the new and the unknown with joy!  And I’d like to share all of my favorite finds with you!

I’ll be sharing my first (and favorite) experiences from getting married to my first attempts at cooking, or crafting, my first trips outside the U.S. traveling, wife-ing, and just chronicling the general day-to-day insanity  of a soon-to-be-newlywed, globe trotting, business owning, full-time working, Catholic cooking and crafting maniac.

And just so we can get better acquainted here are 62 random things about me:

  1. My full name is Therese Marie Philomena Ptak. Most people can only pronounce 25% of my name correctly.
  2.  My first name is French…I am not French at all.
  3. My family calls me the “Google Queen” because if you wanted me to find a one-armed chainsaw juggling, unicyclist  that only wears purple…I probably could.
  4. My first original short story was published when I was in 5th grade.
  5. I completely manage my depression and anxiety naturally (which took a lot of time to learn how to do but I’m so glad I do it!)
  6. I have gone on pilgrimage 3 times…and will do many more.
  7. I’m a soprano!
  8. I have experienced every kind of educational system there is for at least two years each. Private School, Public School and Homeschool!
  9. My fiance (soon-to-be hubby) is my first and only high-school sweetheart
  10. I had a Myspace for way too long after it stopped being cool.
  11. I’ve sung on two internationally released albums, and one internationally released single. All in the “Prog Rock” genre.
  12.  I have 3 furbabies (2 kitties and a loveable rescue mutt), and 1..gillbaby? (betta fish)
  13. I bribe my fiance with my curry tuna fish salad and sometimes (in an emergency) beer.
  14.  My first job was a Professional Horse Groom and Stable Manager…I was 10.
  15. I have an unnatural love of Trader Joe’s.
  16. I can hold my own in a discussion about cars….
  17. …but don’t ask me about sports…it’s like listening to alien gibberish..
  18. I went to college in Maryland and I still love visiting there.
  19. I am in-denial about how bad I am at running
  20. My favorite Looney Tunes character is Tweety Bird
  21. I used to hate mashed potatoes  until my grandmother literally force fed them to me…now I’m an addict.
  22. I am obsessed with Fall, it is my favorite season of the year.
  23. If my lactose intolerance and my gluten sensitivity was a religion I would be excommunicated  (but I try my best).
  24. Speaking of religion, I’m a practicing Roman Catholic who goes to mass in Latin.
  25. No that doesn’t mean I wear skirts all the time….or speak Latin fluently.
  26. When I’m not moonlighting as a blogger, I write television and radio commercials.
  27. My favorite type of wine is Port (mostly because it goes with chocolate).
  28. I sometimes wish people would sing along with me when I’m stuck in traffic and blaring my favorite show-tunes…(they don’t)
  29. I am probably one of the only women in the world who really doesn’t care for any Jane Austen novels….
  30. …I’d much rather read fantasies by Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Garth Nix, and others…
  31. I once hid my pet cat in my book-bag and brought him to my great Aunt (God rest her soul’s) wake…hilarity ensued.
  32. I once accidentally shaved one eyebrow off…more hilarity ensued…
  33. I do my Christmas shopping in July.
  34. I have a freckle of brown in my left eye, I say it’s a piece of my mom (who has brown eyes).
  35. I love Polish food, especially kielbasa.
  36. My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast.
  37. I’m getting married January 2nd!
  38. For some reason the sorting hat sorted me into Slytherin (I’m clearly a Ravenclaw, GOSH!)
  39. I have an unnatural love of shoveling snow and often will shovel whole blocks in my town because I love it so darn much.
  40.  I’ve been mistaken for Chelsea Clinton….(really?…I mean…REALLY?!)
  41. I did fencing for a year, it’s one of my favorite sports!
  42. My dream is to own a large piece of property and have some horses someday.
  43. I’m working on my first full length novel (it’s a fantasy novel).
  44. You could call me a music aficionado…in fact, if I listened to every song in my itunes from beginning to end I could listen to music for a week straight and never hear the same song twice.
  45. I often like books more than I like people…(that goes for chocolate too)
  46. I am horrifically unphotogentic (except in the photo pictured above…it looks like me..but for some reason it’s perfect so I’m suspicious), my fiance has lovingly bestowed the title of “Derp Queen” on me.
  47. I forget what I want to say mid sentence and sometimes this annoys me.
  48. I love sushi with an unholy passion, my roll of choice is the philly roll or the snowflake roll.
  49. I have a huge travel bucket list, and I’m just now starting to check places off.
  50. I can almost speak Spanish…mostly…
  51. I believe my ability to consistently put my foot in my mouth is genetic.
  52. I love watching Japanese foreign films the language fascinates me.
  53. I have one younger brother…his nickname is brodo swaggins the secondborn…yes I made it all up.
  54. I am the worst/best person to get lost in Ikea with.
  55.  I am awful at math…seriously…counting is hard…there are numbers…it gets messy
  56. I need to go on a ghost walk every time I go somewhere new if they have them!
  57. Icecream is my anti-drug.
  58. I have gone for four days without sleeping….I don’t recommend it.
  59. I am a certified nursing assistant…and once considered being a midwife. (I do not do either of those things for a living).
  60. I have been known to work myself to death.
  61. I’ve been writing for over 13 years.
  62. I blog because I love it and I love to share my experiences!



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